Project Locations and Descriptions of Work

Mt. Airy Forest - Large Scale Mulching Project
Volunteers will load mulch into wheelbarrows and spread at playgrounds, picnic areas and tree rings. This is beneficial for the maintenance and beautification of the park. Mulch on playgrounds keep the area safe for children, keep picnic areas looking nice, and help provide protection to trees by holding moisture in the soil and as a barrier to root systems.

Eden Park @ Administration Building - Landscape Installation Project
Volunteers will work with Parks staff to install a new landscape. Work will include clearing brush, planting, mulching.  This is a beautification project to improve the appearance of the grounds surrounding the Cincinnati Parks Administration Building.

Ault Park - Habitat Restoration Project 

Volunteers will work with Parks staff in an ongoing effort to restore the natural habitat in select areas of the park. Work will include removal of honeysuckle and pepper vine: cutting, dragging and possibly replanting native species.

Caldwell Nature Preserve - Trail Clearance Project 

Volunteers will work with the Caldwell Nature Preserve Advisory Council and Parks Naturalist to improve trail clearance. This work is part of trail maintenance as ell as preparation for an annual event that takes place on the trails in October.  

I hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless the City of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Park Board, their agents, employees, attorneys, directors, donors, sponsors and volunteers from all claims of whatever nature, including but not limited to personal injury or death and property damage.
I understand that there are risks, known and unknown, associated with volunteering at Cincinnati Park sites, including but not limited to injury by tools and hazardous or hidden substances or materials; and I assume all such risks arising from this volunteer activity.
I understand that the Parks staff and all other volunteers are not qualified to administer emergency medical or first aid care. I consent to the securing of an emergency vehicle on my behalf in the event that I am incapacitated or injured.
I also consent to the use of my photograph, without compensation or payment, or likeness in connection with publicity or information about the Cincinnati Parks.

Cincinnati Parks is committed to providing a quality experience at all parks and facilities by providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities upon request, call 513-357-2604.

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