Fall ReLeaf Tree Application

Planting a tree is one of the simplest ways to improve our environment and quality of life right here in Cincinnati. Thanks to the generous support of MadTree Brewing, Macy's, and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation we are proud to be able to provide free urban trees for City residents. Trees will be made available for pick-up Saturday, October 23rd or October 24th at MadTree Brewing. Monday, October 25th at Cincinnati Parks Natura Resource Office on Reading Road.

Benefits of Urban Trees: 

  • Enhance the beauty of your neighborhood
  • Improve air quality and human health
  • Lower your heating and cooling bills through added shade and wind protection
  • We encourage you to plant your tree in community entry ways, street triangles, areas near street intersections and public frontages along major streets

Application Guidelines:

  • Planting site must be within Cincinnati city limits.
  • Backyard planting is permitted thanks to the generosity of MadTree Brewing. 
  • Planting between the street and sidewalk is not permitted.
  • Please consider the full size of the tree and ensure the right tree is planted in the right place. Be aware of any obstructions from wires, utilities, or other structures. If you have questions our team of tree experts are here to assist 513-861-9070.
  • Pickup is required. Unfortunately, delivery of trees is unavailable.

  • Cincinnati Parks Urban Forestry team will review applications to verify qualifications guidelines listed above. If your property doesn't meet the guidelines, they will revise your application and notify you via the email address that you provided if you unfortunately don't meet qualifications. 

Property Parcel ID number

To help verify your property qualifies for this program please type in the first three digits of your properties Parcel ID number. 

  • You can find your Parcel ID by visiting Hamilton County Auditor. Type your address in the search fields and submit. Your Parcel ID is in the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Omit 0 or 00 if your Parcel ID begins with those numbers when entering your information below.

Cincinnati Neighborhood

Please select from the drop down menu the neighborhood you will be planting the tree. 

This year, we are providing early access to neighborhoods who have less than 40% tree canopy. Thanks to 2020 census data we are able to accurately support those neighborhoods. 

Learn more about the Tree Canopy Data and Park Board's Urban Forestry Department by clicking here.

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